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Spreading Engineering and Technology Awareness since 1999

Who are we?

We are FIRST team 353! Every year we participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, where we are given 6 weeks to design, prototype, built, and test a robot to compete at regional events with teams from across the world. Along the way, we impact our school and our community, with many different events to spread knowledge of Engineering in Technology.


Our club is supported through generous sponsors. They provide us funding in order to support our team and build amazing robots every year.


Our team is ran by various students in our school ranging from from 10th to 12th grade.

Join Us

Making a robot requires lots of effort from a lot of different people. We are always looking for more mentors and students to help out.

Recent Highlights


2023 SBPLI Regional #2 Team Sustainability Award

2021 Game Design Challenge Creativity Award Group Winner

2020 SBPLI Regional #2 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award - Steven Kunz

2019 SBPLI Regional #1 Chairman's Award

2017 SBPLI Regional Gracious Professionalism Award

2017 Hudson Valley Regional Judges Award

2014 NYC Regional Chairman's Award

2013 SBPLI Regional Engineering Inspiration Award

2013 NYC Regional Judges' Award

2012 SBPLI Regional Dean's List Finalist Award - Emily Stern

2012 SBPLI Regional Finalists

2012 SBPLI Regional Website Award

2012 NYC Regional Team Spirit Award

2011 SBPLI Regional Gracious Professionalism Award

2011 SBPLI Regional Coopertition Award

2010 SBPLI Regional Woodie Flowers Finalist Award - Alan Rappaport

2010 SBPLI Best Website Award

2009 Deer Park International Championship Division Finalist

2009 SBPLI Regional Chairman's Award

2009 SBPLI Regional Finalist

2009 SBPLI Website Award

2009 Deer Park Invitational Winner

2007 SBPLI Woodie Flowers Finalist Award - Frank Saladino

2006 Long Island Regional Finalist

2002 Championship Division Finalist

2001 Long Island Regional Winner

2000 Long Island Regional Winner

Past Robots



50 Kennedy Drive
Plainview, NY 11803

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