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SBPLI #2 2023


Turning Interest Into Action

Here at POBots, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources into our community. Since 1999, we’ve been supporting our community members through outreach to schools, local businesses, and more. Each year, we not only build a robot and compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, we also mentor middle school teams, hold our annual Engineering Awareness Night, and so much more!


This club is more than just building a robot, it's about learning new skills, working with others and having fun while doing it. What makes the POBots special is that the club is run by the students! We work together to build a robot, write award applications, and so much more. There's something here for everyone!


Build Subgroups

These subgroups include Mechanical, Programming, Electrical, and Pit and Safety. They work together to build our robot each year.



This subgroup focuses on data analytics, focusing not only on the performance of our team, but other teams, which allows us to strategically pick alliances at competitions.


Community Service and Awards

This subgroup focuses on the club's community outreach and service. They also manage our awards applications, including the prestigious FIRST Impact Award.


The POBots was first established in 1999 under the leadership of Mr. Frank Saladino at Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview, New York. Ever since then our club has grown to become a staple not only in the school district, but throughout  the entire community.

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