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Making A Difference

Community service is a vital aspect of the POBots. One of the goals of FIRST Robotics, in addition to helping kids become science and technology leaders, is to create well-rounded contributors to society. We do this through extensive community service and outreach, and a large focus of ours is STEM education for the youth of our community with the hopes of raising a generation of creative and innovative thinkers who can change the world. We are growing our community service outreach every year. A main focus of ours is STEM is FUN! which is a curriculum of fun, hands-on STEM activities for kids aged kindergarten through eighth grade. These activities can be easily replicated at home by parents (see STEM How-to manual below) in order to further the impact. In addition, we also do robot demos, help with the goals of furthering STEM within our district, and much more. Below are our STEM resources our team has developed, Just click the underlined text to access it!! The How-to manual explains every STEM is FUN! activity we do, and how to carry out the activity at home, along with the science of it. The Activity book is aimed for kids kindergarten through fourth grade in order to further engage them with fun activities. The picture books (available in EnglishSpanish, and Hebrew, with more languages coming) are a series of three picture books explaining all about FIRST robotics. We are working on more manuals and resources, so check back soon to see everything we have coming.


Engineering Awareness Night

Each year, the POBots host an Engineering Awareness Night for the community. Engineering Awareness Night, or EAN, exposes young children to STEM technologies.

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If you have any ideas related to our Community Service activities, please submit them in an email using the subject, "Community Service Idea".


Beach Cleanup/Paper Good Drive

Being part of an engineering oriented club allows the POBots to excel in helping the community with STEM activities. However, we have expanded our outreach beyond that. By becoming involved in beach cleanups and paper goods drive, we are able to reach more people, and help out the community more than ever before.



Deep Space 2019

View our award-winning Chairman's award essay from the 2019 Deep Space season.


Deep Space 2019

View our award-winning Chairman's award presentation board from the 2019 Deep Space season.

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